The Wrath of Lord William

“‘Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty.  The obedient must be slaves.’ Do you know who said that, little girl?” Lord William said as he methodically circled me.

I knew by the condescending tone of his voice he wasn’t expecting an answer from me, rather he would tell me what the answer was.  I stared straight ahead with my eyes downcast slightly, my knees firmly planted into the straw on the floor.  I could only make out the shape of his intimidating riding boots and the leather riding crop he dangled so freely in front of my gaze, taunting me with what was to come.

“Henry David Thoreau said that.  You should be familiar with him, after all you are an American.”  Lord William forcefully grabbed my hair from behind pulling it so hard I thought my eyes would pop out of my head.

He continued, growling deeply into my ear with his heavy accent, “how does it feel little one, to be trapped in a country that doesn’t care about you.  Trapped with me here, unbeknownst to your family, confined in this house, in these stables, under my control.  No one knows where you are and no one can come running to your aid.”  He slid his finger into my mouth and pried my teeth apart, digging himself into me.

Fear ripped through every hair on my body causing them to stand straight up on end.  His voice sent shivers down my spine and goose bumps over my flesh. The only one who knew of my whereabouts was Val and Eve, and they had sent me here ‘for my own good’.  I had no way out, nowhere to run.  And even if I did, they would only return me to Lord William’s control.  I had no option but to learn to be obedient once again so that I could serve them properly.

“Little girl, do you understand why you are here?”  Lord William’s voice boomed.

I responded, “yes, my Lord.  I have not been following my Masters’ orders.”  I cast my eyes further down, I did not want to see what was coming to me.

Abruptly I felt the sharp, stinging thrash of a single tail across my back.  It burned my flesh and scorched my senses.  “Kneel properly, your posture is failing.  You do not have permission to lean back, you little bitch.”  Again, the tail singed my skin causing me to uncontrollably yelp in anguish, but I immediately corrected my stance to prevent any further lashes.

“You are here because of your disobedience.  You are not free, little one, you are a toy and a plaything.  Your place in life is to serve your Owners and those whom your Owners choose to share you with.  Do you understand, little girl?” 

“Yes, My Lord.” I responded dutifully.  Every time I had encountered Lord William in the past, I could feel his dominating power over me.  Today was no different than our prior encounters; his demeanor was commanding and full of superiority.  I didn’t know if it was because he had such a strong grip on his role or because I felt so damn little in his presence.  Whatever it was, he made me feel strongly submissive and wholly owned.

“What are you, little girl?”  He asked in his overly-sweet patronizing tone.

“I am a toy, a plaything.  I owned. A servant and property of my Owners.”

Lord William’s sinister laugher pierced the air, “why, yes. Yes, you are.  But more importantly you are my toy for the next thirty days to do with you as I see fit so that you may serve your Owners properly.  Do you remember what I said the first night we met?  I warned you that if you ever fell out of line again, your Owners had given me permission to take over your training.  And now we shall begin; get on your hands and knees little girl and clean my boots, they are dirty from being in the stables.”

I dived into my task at hand, licking, kissing, and polishing the blackness which stood before me into a shine. It was the most belittling duty I had ever encountered, the taste was sickening, the smell was nauseating, and the vision of him standing above me humbled me into place.  He was arrogant and self-righteous, a force to be reckoned with. I felt the cool smooth leather of the crop graze my ass cheeks as I kneeled before him and I knew this was not the time or the place to pick my battles.  I needed to attend to his wants and desires or I would surely face the harshest of punishments.

“Good, my little girl.  That will be all.”  Lord William shooed me away with a quick kick of his foot and I retreated backwards on my knees.  “Now turn around and show me that little asshole of yours.”

I quickly turned around and assumed position, face down and ass up so that he would be able to observe and have his way with me.  But the stench of the stables combined with the grit in my mouth was too much to bear.  A wave of nausea swept over my body and quickly seized my throat.  Everything I had consumed violently forced its way out of my body in a stream of dirty haze. 

I lay there on the ground, the crunch of dried grass beneath me, shivering from the cold air of Finland’s fall temperatures against my naked skin and shaken by the wrath of my new temporary Owner.  My mind raced, I could not believe I had committed such an infraction with Eve that she forced me into this dreadful punishment: to be under Lord William’s rule.  I remember Val fighting with her that awful evening, begging her to have mercy on me.  But Eve was just as relentless as Lord William. I should have seen this coming. Why didn’t I just obey?

I felt something hard and cold pry into my dry, tight puckering asshole.  He pushed it in further and deeper, unrelenting in his task to forcefully open me up.  With a smooth and final pop I felt as if my insides were ripped in two and I faltered to the ground writhing from the agony of defeat.

“Get on your knees!”  Lord William roared slamming down the tail on my back.  I twisted in pain and scurried back to position. 

“You will stay in position.  You will not fall to the ground or whimper in pain.  You will not beg for mercy, little girl.  To do so shows weakness in your character.  You are here to learn that you are a toy to be used to satisfy those who control you, that you are a servant in the truest sense of the word.  Do you understand me, little girl?”

“Yes, my Lord.” I said hurriedly.

“Where is your place, little girl?”  He asked me.

“At your feet, my Lord.” I responded without hesitation.

And with my response drew a cloud of heavy lashing.  I kneeled on the floor as Lord William consumed my body with his force, whipping every inch of my bare skin from head to feet, in a sadistically methodic way.  With each stroke of the tail I grew more immune and numb to the pain as my body’s response grew more aroused by his dominance.  My mind drifted to a far off and sacred space, high off of endorphins and adrenaline. 

I wasn’t sure how much time had elapsed from the initial beating, but I knew that I had endured the longest suffering I had ever encountered.  Finally, Lord William released me from his torment and with a swift kick of his boot thrust me forward causing me to fall flat onto my stomach.  Gasping for air and reprieve, I laid motionless on the ground waiting for him to position me again or give instructions.

But there were none.

I saw his boots stand before my zombie-like entranced eyes.  He kicked them back and forth as if to clean the soles of his feet, kicking up dust in the process.

“Do you love them enough to serve me for the next twenty nine more days?  Do you, little girl?  Do you have the will to endure the suffering for their pleasure and my own? Can you give me enough little girl, to satisfy my every want, my every whim?  Can you?”  He said with an evil laugh as he kicked a final round of dust around me.

“The other ponies will tend to you.  I have had enough of your pathetic whimpers for today.”  He said as he swiftly turned on his heels and sauntered out of the barn, slamming the door behind him.