Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

By booking the Tarot Services of Arika Stone, you are agreeing to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions of Use. You further certify that you are at least 18 years of age.

Liability Disclaimer

By booking Arika Stone’s Tarot’s services, you explicitly acknowledge that all Tarot readings and advice arising therefrom are provided and intended for the sole purpose of entertainment and/or spiritual insight.

Event and Party Readings (Coming Soon)

Before booking all aspects of the event will be discussed with the client so that expectations are clear and confirmed.

1. A deposit of 50% is required on confirmation of event booking, and full payment is due on or immediately after the event, by credit card, cash or PayPal.

2. Seven day advance cancellation notice is required for event bookings otherwise the 50% deposit will be forfeit.

Tarot Consultations (Email Only at this time)

  1. To book a reading, please contact me and I will send you a client intake form and client service agreement. Once payment has been submitted and we have clarified your questions, I will begin your reading. Readings are sent via email and include a downloadable PDF copy.
  2. I do not offer refunds of my Tarot Consultations for any reason. If you wish to know more about my services please browse my site for sample readings, follow me on my social media channels, and connect with me. These channels will give you an idea of my style, technique, and philosophy.
  3. For Tarot consultations you will be billed and charged for a service. When you order a reading you are receiving a personalized service tailored to you as every reading is unique.

Code of Ethics

  1. I believe that the Tarot is a powerful, intuitive tool that can help us to make real, empowered changes in our lives. My readings offer guidance and motivation on your life journey and soul path to help you make positive decisions for the future. The Tarot won’t tell you your future (it can’t predict it!), but it will help you create your future. If you are looking for a predictive reading (ex-Will he marry me?), you may wish to connect with a reader who will match your needs. I do not offer predictive readings.
  2. I will serve the best interests of my clients with professionalism and integrity. I will share what I see in the Tarot cards with honesty and transparency. I will deliver the message with compassion and empathy.
  3. I will maintain the highest levels of confidentiality and privacy and will not share client information without prior approval, or unless ordered by a court of law. Everything that is revealed and discussed in a reading is 100% confidential, unless the situation is life-threatening.
  4. I will always provide readings with compassion and in a non-judgmental manner. I welcome clients of all cultures, religions, spiritual paths and sexual orientations. I am a LGBTQ+ Ally and believe in equality for all.
  5. To protect the privacy of others, I will not read on a third party. Where possible, I will rephrase the question to focus the reading on what is directly related to my client. I am unable to read for those under the age of 18 years of age.
  6. I read the Tarot for guidance in all areas of life. However, if the client needs advice in any area for which I am not qualified, I will encourage the client to seek out professional advice this includes, but is not limited to a physician, psychologist, lawyer, financial advisor, accountant, or any other professional service for which I am not qualified, I will encourage my client to seek such service from someone who is qualified in that area.
  7. I will provide guidance and insight, but I will not make definitive predictions nor take away the free will of my clients. I do not believe our future is set in stone, but we all have the ability to change and alter our path.
  8. I encourage my clients to take responsibility for the decisions and actions they take following a Tarot reading.
  9. I reserve the right to refuse to do a reading for a question that I feel I cannot answer, or one that goes against my Code of Ethics.